Any successful project begins with a great story...what's yours?
Our job is to help you tell that story, Through our signature Storytelling Branding process, Through our creative design and web services, Through our Screen Printing services, and through our Interactive tools used to Raise Some {HOPE} 

Our Story

Every story has a beginning and ours starts in a homeless shelter many years ago. They say when you start at the bottom, there is no place to go but up but they forget to tell you how hard the climb up will be. ikros is built on perseverance, many life lessons and hard work. We understand that where we come from is important to where we are going and as we continue to build ikros, we never forget our humble beginnings. Although we are a business, the heart of all we do is helping others as we have been helped. Whether through increasing visibility for nonprofits so they can empower more people, through our interactive outreach projects like {HOPE} raisers or simply printing well designed t-shirts that inspire the person wearing it. We are a company that honors our journey and our story in all we do and it’s our job to help you do the same.


Our Services

Our services range from design, printing, branding, consulting, screen printing, cause & fundraiser development and more. Basically anything that helps you showcase your story…we can help!

Storytelling Branding

A logo alone is not enough to connect your audience to your brand. They want to connect with YOU. Help them do that by connecting the story of your organization and your heart to your brand. What does your brand say about you? What makes you stand out?

Web Design

Along with your brand, you need an online presence that represents YOU full time. Building a website does not have to be complicated, and maintaining it should be even easier. All of our websites are built on a platform that is simple to update and can grow with your needs.

Screen Printing

One of the best ways to market your organization or cause is through shirts. Printing shirts is a reasonable cost to market yourself, but if you are going to do it…DO IT AMAZING!  We have created the formula to make your next event or promotional shirt a hit.

Visit Our Websites

ikros is involved in many projects and we have a few that are very close to our heart and our story. Here are a few:

Hope Raiser

Overcome the storms of life together...One chapter at a time. Share your story, connect with others and inspire someone standing behind you.

Hope Raiser

Baller Shirts

Are you a baller? Then get the gear! is your one stop shop for team printing and individual baller shirts. Competitive prices for wholesale printing.

Baller Shirts

What's Your Chapter

Read our story and learn to share your story! We all have an amazing chapter that we can use to help someone else. What's Your Chapter?

What's Your Chapter

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